Spearheaded by dark techno producer Psychophant, BLOODRAVE is a rubric of cybergoth hardstyle consecrating the leather-bound (and occasionally virtual) realms of the cybernetic vampire. Inciting essences of early 00s action/horror films, action/adventure video games, and science fantasy RPGs, BLOODRAVE seeks to inject a certain strain of hardcore four-to-the-floor, blood-drenched dark euphoria mnemonic of the kind of early information-age appearances that reigned prior to the sparkling boy toy devolution.


janice rules!

Janice Rules! is a lo-fi electronic garage band from Bloomington, IN sporting an abrasively distorted post-punk aesthetic and the exclamation that late actress-turned-psychotherapist Janice Rule does as her name implies. Lead by frontman and frequent lead vocalist "Garb", their riotous vogue elaborates on introspective millennial frustrations and epitomizes the backlash of Generation WHY in a mosh-up of cloistered, contemporary electro-punk-infused rock n' roll.


Under the namesake of the vengeful spirits that tribes of the Amazon attempt to seal away by shrinking the heads of their victims, Vermon Muenster incants tribalistic jungle vibes swirled with touches of electronic minimalism. By frequently utilizing foley recordings of "found sounds" a la musique concrète, he additionally attempts to often literally tap into another Jivaroan belief: the arutam; a powerful spirit thought to be inherent in all inanimate objects.


New Blood on falcon turf



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